DVFriends Coffeehouse

By Kelly Center (other events)

Thursday, November 17 2022 7:30 PM 9:30 PM EDT

DVFriends Student Showcase presented by Tim Simmons.

Admission is FREE.  Reservation tickets required. Click the TICKETS link to reserve tickets.

Doors open at 7:00 pm.  7:30 show.  

Free Parking in Oakmont Municipal lot behind Kelly Center off Darby Road.

This show will NOT be LiveStreamed on YouTube or Facebook.

The Kelly Center is operated by Kelly Music for Life, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 pure public charity that supports Music Education, the Arts, and other community initiatives.  For more information visit

For all events, we are focusing on SAFETY.  We have improved air filtration inside the Kelly Center for the safety of Customers, Staff and Performers.  We have upgraded to Hospital Grade HEPA air filtration, Negative Air Ion filters and Apple Catechin filters with antiviral and antibacterial properties.  These upgrades trap and deactivate microscopic bacteria and viruses, and can diminish or prevent the spread of diseases. Our HVAC draws in fresh air from outside, completely turning the inside air over every 5 minutes. We open the windows when appropriate to improve fresh air flow.


The DVFriends music and performing arts program is unlike any other. It is tailored to our students' needs, interests, and talents with a dynamic range of academic and co-curricular opportunities.

DVFriends' approach to music is rooted in the belief that there is music in each one of us and all that’s required to participate in music at DVFriends is that students find a way to make “one quality sound” whether that’s with an instrument or their voice.

Music teacher Tim Simmons has developed his own music curriculum based on improvisation to help students learn to play a variety of instruments, understand music theory, and free their creativity -- while also stimulating the areas of the brain that help students with language development. This innovative, research-based approach created explicitly for our students makes music at DVFriends accessible regardless of ability or experience -- but also scalable across talent and grade levels. Novices can play together as well as with students who are on very advanced levels in the same ensemble or classroom -- and everyone can learn from each other. The result is exceptional growth in every participant, incredible levels of creativity, and an environment where students feel safe and supported to explore and share their talents.

Music classes are incorporated into lower school specials, the middle school arts rotation, and upper school electives. Some of the electives include songwriting and music production as well as the core improvisation classes.

Students' musical talents are showcased in annual open-mic style coffeehouse performances, the annual holiday concert, clubs such as DV Rock Band, opportunities to play in the pit band for the annual spring musical, and the annual Arts Festival.



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