Virtual Sunday Over Easy with David Falcone

By Kelly Center (other events)

Sunday, July 5 2020 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Virtual Sunday Over Easy.   

Within the plethora of talent in Philadelphia's folk based and singer-songwriter community few can capture and share the imagination hidden within the world of fingerstyle guitar like David Falcone.

David Falcone is a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist/vocalist whose influences include the styles and techniques of artists such as Kottke, Renbourn and Bensusan.  His original compositions reflect a unique synthesis of Celtic, traditional, and classical sounds and forms.  His vocal works are often backed with the intricate details blended from these sources of inspiration.

When not writing, practicing or performing music, David is busy teaching in the Psychology Department at La Salle University.

"David Falcone is a wonderful guitarist whose playing equals and often surpasses many better-known fingerstyle artists. His deft touch pulls stories from the strings in wordless tales of inspired nuance, shifting rhythms and tempos -- all with flawless accuracy and a soulful feel."   (Rambles Cultural Magazine)

"The competence and precision of Falcone's playing suggests that for him this is not simply recreation but a vocation. This is a player not afraid to push his musical limits or to take chances when performing for his audience ... Falcone is a talented composer who manages to write contemporary fingerstyle guitar melodies with a strong connection to the past. His polished performance only serves to enhance what he has written".  (Sound Bytes Review)


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